Summer is here again that means high energy bills

Preparing your home for the summer months can save you an impressive amount on your electricity bill. Thankfully, many of these tasks are simple, and don’t require expensive investments. From adjusting your cooling equipment to learning when to turn on your oven, you can do several different things to make sure that your rooms remain cool and your utility bills remain low. Read on to learn more on how to cool your home during summer. Many of these tips are as easy as pressing a button!

Make Your Ceiling Move Counter-clockwise

A seemingly simple tip, changing your fan’s direction can do wonders for the amount of cool air that becomes readily available in your home. During the hotter months of the year, your ceiling fan’s blades should be moving in a counter-clockwise fashion to allow for the circulation of cool air. Locate the switch around your light fixture to change your blades’ movement.

Let Out Hot Air from Your Attic

Heat has a tendency to travel up. It’s no surprise, then, that your attic can be one of the hottest parts of your home. To counteract this accumulation of heat, think about installing an attic fan or vent. The rest of your home may immediately feel cooler after you do.

Make Your Own Shade

A lack of trees can often contribute to unbearable heat inside of a home. Plant a few trees in your yard to help shade your home. If you can only plant one tree, place it so that it provides shade for your air conditioner unit. Doing this can keep your air conditioner cool. This can be an especially useful tip for those who own a summer home.

Check Your Dryer Vents

If you own a dryer, you may have already noticed that the temperature in your laundry room rises as soon as you turn it on. Temperatures can rise even more, if your dryer’s vents are blocked. Regularly check your dryer’s vents for blockages so that hot air isn’t blowing back into your home. This task is basic home preparation and maintenance.

Stop Air Leaks

Leaks around your home can let in unwanted hot air and release precious cool air. Check the caulking and insulation strips around your windows and doors to ensure that they are steady and unblemished. Re-caulk or install new installation strips, if needed.

Get Rid of Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs contribute to higher room temperatures because of the heat they expel. Switching to compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs will reduce your energy bill and keep your room temperature down, too. Making this switch can be great home preparation for summer months.

Use Your Bathroom’s Exhaust Fan

When you shower with hot water, steam and humidity rise in your bathroom. Once your bathroom door is opened, these conditions can transfer to different parts of your house. Simply turn on your bathroom’s fan to ensure that the steam and humidity are quickly pulled up and out of your bathroom. It’s as easy as flicking a switch.

Keep Up With Your Air Conditioners’ Filters

To ensure that your air conditioner is functioning optimally, always make sure that its filters are clean and fresh. This is especially important, if you live in a dusty environment or a place with allergy irritants. Consider having spare filters on hand so that you can schedule regular replacements every month.

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